BeautiSealant is a fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant that seals deep grooves and fissures while providing all round protection especially during the caries-prone years through the sustained release and recharge of fluoride. Unlike conventional sealants that require phosphoric acid etching that dehydrates and demineralizes healthy tooth structure, BeautiSealant provides a safer, simpler and more predictable option that completely eliminates the need for a conventional phosphoric acid etch.

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BeautiSealant self-etch primer features dual adhesive monomers to thoroughly prime the tooth surface for an effective chemical bond to the sealant while minimizing any damage to enamel.
The HEMA-free formulation of the primer prevents bond hydrolysis over time.
BeautiSealant paste exhibits a superior surface cure property for a durable seal.
Ideal viscosity and an efficient non-drip, fuss-free syringe design with an extra fine 27 gauge needle tip assures precise delivery of the smooth, bubble-free paste into difficult to reach fissures without the hassle of overfilling grooves.
Exhibits high shear bond strength for long-term durability and retention
Inclusion of S-PRG fillers provides a fluoride rich environment and a unique anti-plaque effect
BeautiSealant Set [PN 1798]: BeautiSealant Paste 1.2 G,
BeautiSealant Primer 3ml, Needle Tips X 15, Microbrush Fine (Pink) X 50, V-Dish X 25