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Noriyuiki Negoro
Shofu Inc. was established on 15th May 1922 in Kyoto as a manufacturer of quality porcelain teeth. With more than 90 years of growth and experience in advanced manufacturing technology we have become one of the world’s leading manufacturer deeply involved in the field of dentistry with a wide range of dental materials, equipment and instruments.

Over the years Shofu Inc. expanded into an international enterprise with subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, UK, Singapore and China. In November 1989 Shofu Inc. was the first dental company to be listed on the national stock exchange and recently on the Tokyo stock exchange in Japan.

Shofu dental products With its worldwide operation and ultra modern research facilities in Japan, Shofu maintains close ties with the global dental fraternity to keep up with the evolving trends and techniques in dentistry.

As a comprehensive manufacturer of dental products Shofu has many recognized achievements and enjoys an excellent reputation in its homecountry, Japan and is well known for its quality products worldwide. We believe that our success is driven by our dedication to research and technological innovations in our state of the art laboratories and superior customer service.


To offer proven products for better dentistry worldwide with our commitment to quality and excellence while emphasizing that beautiful teeth are the symbol of health and happiness.

We are one of the world's leading dental manufacturers deeply involved in the field of dentistry, committed to our customers, employees and shareholders with an aim to continue to progress and maintain our leading edge.

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