Zirconomer Improved defines a new class of restorative that promises the strength and durability of amalgam with the protective benefits of glass ionomer while completely eliminating the hazard of mercury. This high strength restorative has been specially reinforced with nano-zirconia fillers that not only impart remarkable mechanical properties to the restoration for posterior load bearing areas but also provides enough translucency to match natural tooth. Combination of outstanding strength, durability and sustained fluoride protection deems it ideal for permanent posterior restoration in patients with high caries incidence as well as cases where strong structural cores and bases are essential.
High strength and durability like Silver amalgam with protective benefits of glasionomer

Improved edge strength and marginal adaptation

High translucency, flexural modulus and compressive strength

Improved mixing and handling characteristics

Excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion

Remarkable radiopacity

Sustained high fluoride release for anti-cariogenic benefits especially in cases with high caries risk

Exceptional for minimally invasive procedures as it chemically bonds to enamel and dentin while displaying tooth-like co-efficient of thermal expansion, which results in low interfacial stresses and minimizes potential for failure

Packable and condensable like amalgam without the hazard of mercury or the risk of corrosion, expansion and thermal conductivity

Zirconomer 1-1 Set [PN 3130] Contains:
12gm Powder & 5ml Liquid, Mixing Pad, Spoon & Spatula

Available Shade: Universal Shade