Indirect Composite
Lite Art Full Set
A new generation of fluorescent, light cure resin stains formulated for individual characterization, shade modification of indirect composite resin restorations, artificial teeth and acrylic denture base resins.
Available in a total of 15 colours (3 Primary & 12 Premixed colours) that can be used on their own,or intermixed to attain the desired shade and closely mimic natural tooth colouration.
Formulated with novel multifunctional monomers and photo initiators, these stains are stable,easy to apply in thin, even layers and attain a higher degree of surface cure.
Comes with a Clear Liquid diluent that can be used to modify the viscosity and the intensity of stains.
Lite Art Full Set [PN 1970] Contains:
White, Black, Red, Blue Gray, Violet, Khaki, Orange, Orange Br, Dark Red Br, Black Br,
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, A Shade, B Shade , 1 ml each; 6ml Clear Liquid, Uni Brush set
No. 5, Colour Card, Nozzle Tip x 15, Nozzle Cap x 15
- Refills: Each colour in 1 ml / syringe