Indirect Composite
Ceramage is a versatile micro-ceramic indirect composite with 73% zirconium silicate fillers, suitable for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations.
Ideal for metal reinforced or metal free restorations, veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges, implant supported restorations, etc..
Superior aesthetics with easy reproduction of natural tooth colour.
Excellent flexural and compressive strength with high elasticity deeming it suitable for posterior restorations.
Long-term colour stability, superb polishability and high plaque resistance.
Ideal viscosity with optimal handling characteristics so it is sculptable, non sticky and easy to separate from the spatula.
Remarkable abrasion resistance specially on opposing teeth.
Extensive range of translucent, incisal and effect modifiers to further enhance aesthetics.
Natural Fluorescence.
Simple Polymerization system with a fast application technique.
Ceramage flow is especially useful for inlays and to create intricate anatomical details.
Available In:
Sets And Refills (Paste Type In 4.6gm / Syringe & Flowable Type In 2gm / Syringe)

Ceramage Ceramage Intro Kit (Shade A2, A3, A3.5) Contains:
Pre-Opaque 2ml X 1, Opaque 2ml X 1,
Cervical 2.6ml X 1, Body 2.6ml X 1,
Flowable Composite Resin 2ml X 1,
Incisal 2.6ml X 1, M.L. Primer 5ml X 1,
Uni Brush, Light Shield Cover X 1,
Paper Pad (50 Sheets) X 1,
Dispodish X 10
- Refills:
Available Individually

Ceramage 8 Colour Set [PN 1806] Contains:
Pre-Opaque 2ml X 1, Opaque 2ml X 10,
Cervical 2.6ml X 4, Opaque Dentin 2.6ml X 8,
Body 2.6ml X 8, Incisal 2.6ml X 3, Translucent 2.6ml X 4,
Flowable Composite Resin 2ml X 3, Modelling Liquid 6ml X 1,
M.L. Primer 5ml X 1, Oxy-Barrier 10ml X 1, SEP 7ml X 1,
Spacer 7ml X 1, Uni Brush (Handle X 1, Brush Head X 10)
Light Shield Cover X 1, Dispodish X 10, Colour Table X 1,
Paper Pad (50 Sheets) X 1, Direction X 1