Beautifil II Enamel & Gingiva
Beautifil II Enamel and Gingiva are developed as a complementary line extension of Beautifil II for direct aesthetic restoration. Beautifil II Enamel & Gingiva come in a special, one push syringe for controlled dispensing of the material that itself has a smooth, creamy consistency and long working time to easily sculpt fine details and recreate the variety of surface textures seen in natural teeth.

Inclusion of nanofillers and specially modified sub-micron multifunctional organic and glass fillers impart Beautifil II Enamel and Gingiva with exceptional handling characteristics, high abrasion/wear resistance, stable shades, effortless and superior polishability with sustained polish retention for lasting aesthetics. Shofu’s proprietary S-PRG fillers offer additional fluoride benefits and anti-plaque effect on the restoration surface.

Beautifil II Enamel is available in 4 naturally translucent and opalescent shades that facilitate life-like shade reproduction and value adjustment in the final restoration to meet individual clinical needs. The optical characteristics are fine-tuned so that these new enamel shades easily blend in and further enhance the aesthetic effect of all the Beautifil series of restorative materials.
Beautifil II Gingiva is available in 5 natural shade variations of pink to easily mimic patient’s individual gum aesthetics and restore areas with missing or receded gums, cervical and wedge shaped defects, root caries and to restore/enhance the pink-white aesthetic harmony.

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Available in shades:
Beautifil II Enamel in 4 shades: T [PN Y2250], HVT [PN Y2251], LVT [PN Y2252], AM [PN Y2253]
Beautifil II Gingiva in 5 shades: G-LP [PN Y2256], G-DP [PN Y2257], G-Or [PN Y2260], G-Br [PN Y2259], G-V [PN Y2258]


Box of 2.5gm syringe