The latest snap-on finishing and polishing kit that comprises of a complete range of disks in 4 different colour coded grits, created for a naturally lustrous polish on direct resin restorations.

The kit comes with Black, Violet as well as the resilient X-TREME GREEN and advanced 3D structured X-TREME RED disks along with double-ended polystrips, Dura White, Composite and Composite fine points to aid in finishing and polishing all areas of the restoration and attain the designed surface details.

Special Benefits
No more gouging or discoloration – Thanks to the Snap-on disk design & metal-free centre.
Greater pressure, durability and enhanced polishing experience.
High gloss polish with just 4 simple steps: Black disk – Violet disk – Green disk – Pink disk.

  • Advanced 3D architecture with extra aluminium oxide coating in X-TREME RED (Superfine) disks.
  • Facilitates Debris discharge and heat dissipation.
  • Prevents clogging and secondary scratches.

Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit [PN0508]
160 x disks
40 x polystrips
2 x Dura-White Stones CA (CN1 & FL2)
2 x Composite Midi-Point CA
2 x Composite Fine Midi-point CA
4 x Super-Snap CA Mandrel