New image sensor, exceptional focal length and aperture with its 8 automated pre-set shooting modes, SHOFU EyeSpecial C-III smart digital dental camera fulfills a range of critical applications for your entire dental team from daily case documentation, treatment planning, patient communication to medico-legal and insurance verification, and dental laboratory collaboration.

Special Benefits
New 1/1.7-inch CMOS Sensor, 12 Megapixel.
Excellent 28 – 300mm focal length with maximum aperture.
8 Pre-set dental shooting modes without the need for extensive training on dental photography.
Exclusive flashmatic system with combination of lateral flashes.
Integrated smart focus and zoom features with built in anti-shake.
Intuitive one-touch operation with 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen.
Convenient and durable device with water, chemical and scratch resistance.
Lightweight, single handed operation even with medical gloves.
Surefile Photo management software.
Super-Snap X-TREME Technique Kit [PN0508]
160 x disks
40 x polystrips
2 x Dura-White Stones CA (CN1 & FL2)
2 x Composite Midi-Point CA
2 x Composite Fine Midi-point CA
4 x Super-Snap CA Mandrel