Application of acrylic acid-tricarboxylic acid copolymer based on SHOFU's proprietary technology provides the GLASIONOMER CX-Smart with a phenomenal thixotropic property by optimizing polymer network formation, thus the overall physical properties are enhanced. Further it contains SHOFU’s patented HY additives namely tannic acid, zinc fluoride & strontium fluoride which provide the following benefits : - Helps seal the dentinal tubules to prevent irritation to the pulp thus minimizing post operative sensitivity - Improves the overall physical properties of the cements - Reduces decalcification of enamel and dentin
– Indicated for permanent cementation of cast metal , porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown & bridge restorations, all ceramic zirconia restorations and also bonding of metal orthodontic appliances
– Contains an optimal density which does not allow the setting cement to flow down -Quicker setting time permits easy removal of the excess cement
– Improved shape retention allows easier handling of the setting cement
-Excellent resistance to storage conditions exhibiting no significant changes in physical properties especially against variations is humidity
– Low film thickness allows a precise marginal fit & adaptation of the prosthesis
-Exceptional durability with enhanced physical properties such as higher compressive strength and greater acid resistance
CX-Smart Set [PN C0017] 45gm Pwd : 25ml Liq, Measure Scoop, Mixing Pad & Spatula CX – Smart MINI [PN C0018] 15gm Pwd : 8ml Liq , Measure scoop

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